Sunday, February 13, 2011

My New quilted Card

So, after trying my hand at the first quilted card.... I decided to dig out one of my absolute favorite quilt patterns.... 'Storm at Sea'.... For the life of me.. I could not find the right quilt book and tore my craft room apart looking for it.. Then another hour trying to find the right paper.... With all of the paper I have... you would think that would have been an easy task.... NOT!!!!!

  Anyway, after I accomplished those small tasks.... Another, over 5 hours later.... after drawing up the grid pattern and cutting out too many tiny pieces to count and piecing them together....

  I created this for my absolutely Wonderful Husband for Valentines.... I hope you all enjoy it....


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  1. Such dedication!! And you make me want to go out and by an embossing machine. Love what it adds to those cards!!

  2. Oh, thank you Marcie.... I love my embossing folders.. :o)