Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's Have a Card Swap

  Ok, I have been participating in card swaps for about two years now. The original group I joined is coming to an end this month. Many of the members are military wives and are moving out of country and the rest of us have moved out of state. So, with the end of one, I would like to begin a new group...

  For those of you who are not familiar with a card swap, they are SUPER fun... Basically, it is usually a consistent group of swappers and the theme changes monthly. I would like to keep the group to no more then 16 ladies. At the moment, I have 5 signed up, so there is plenty of room. I may even consider running a second group if there is enough interest. Anywho, this is how they work. Each month there is a specific theme and you make the SAME card. So, if there are 12 girls participating, then you make 12 of the SAME card. Then, if you are local, we meet up and SWAP cards, chat crafty girlie stuff, enjoy refreshments and just enjoy being out and sharing. If you are not local and still want to participate, NO WORRIES..... All you have to do is mail in your swaps and send return postage. I will HAPPILY swap your cards for you and then you get to look forward to something wonderful in the mail. Everyone will leave with completely different cards.

  These groups are so much fun, and you ALWAYS learn new ideas and techniques. I am truly hoping this sounds like a something you would like to participate in. I am still working on the theme schedule, and would like to start with the month of July. At the moment, I am debating on the date, as it a VERY busy month. I am looking at one of these THREE dates, July 21, 22, or 23rd. Please, let me know what works best for you.

  Once the group begins, I will settle on a specific day of the month, usually like the 2nd or 3rd Thursday or Friday of a month. I am still working on that, as when school starts back..... Both of my boys play varsity football and their schedule may rule out Fridays during the football season.

  I am so looking forward to this and hearing from everyone. You REALLY should give a swap a try. The only cost to you is your time, your supplies and postage(if you are out of the area).

  Until my next post....

Happy Crafting~

P.S. you can either comment on this post if interested, or email me for more details... I will post again in about a week with an update.

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  1. Sounds Great... At the moment, the group is sitting at 7.. So, there is still room for more..