Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crafty Cupcake

  So, I have been wanting to make one of these FOREVER!!!! A fellow consultant, Tresa Black, posted a video a while back showing her adorable cupcake and I had to make one of my own. I think it turned out pretty cute, If I may say so myself. While she used paper for her 'icing', chocolate' and 'whip cream', I decided to use all ribbon. She has a great tutorial for her cupcake if you would like to check it out on her blog.

  I hope you enjoy the following pictures. I will be teaching a class on this, the end of September, and hope to see you there.

Looks so yummy.. You could almost eat, But I would not suggest that... Oh wait, do I spy something.. INSIDE?

 Yep, that's right... You can give a beautiful cupcake and hide the present inside.. No need to worry about icing getting all over the place, dentist bills, or letting out that belt a notch or two... This is the BEST kind of cupcake.....well, maybe if you get a little bit of chocolate with it.... The kind without guilt and you can enjoy it all year long..... No Ants included... :-)

This one is going out to my mom... But, I have a few more in the works... Besides, I want to have one of these cuties on my desk, too....

Until my next post... Happy Crafting~


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Monday, August 29, 2011

WOW!!!! Can you say, 'BUSY SUMMER' ?

Hi, Hello, How are ya? I know, I have been absent this summer. Every time I intend to log on and post about wonderful specials and the 'goings-on' of my daily life, LIFE takes over and I forget.... So, here I am and I am happy to be back.

So, I am proud to say... I am a PROUD mother of THREE children in high school this year. This is the first in quite some time that all of my babies are in the same school... Jacob, my senior, Joseph, my sophomore, and Michaela my freshman.... Both of my boys are in football this year, Jacob-Varsity, Joseph- JV... With that said, I spend the week with practices with games Thursdays and Fridays.. You have got to LOVE football in TEXAS!!!! I LOVE every minute of it!!!! I will be sharing pictures very soon.. I am so proud of my boys...

My daughter, Michaela, has enthusiastically jumped into the FFA (Future Farmers of America). I am so excited.. She has already jumped into the world of raising Rabbits and fingers crossed she shows well in January... Because, while I ADORE cute little bunnies.. I really do not want to house any at home after the SHOW..... I just thought I would share this little tidbit.. I got quite the chuckle when she told me this... As soon as she found out she could raise bunnies... She picked a name out right away, not knowing she would need FOUR names... She will be naming one of her bunnies.... 'Sgt. Fluffles'.. YES, you read that right.... She has such a wonderful sense of humor and can't wait to see what she comes up with for the other baby bunnies...

For those of you who have stopped by, hoping for updates and posts.. THANK YOU.... I do have a few announcements to share and some artwork as well....

So, as some of you know.. I attended the Close To My Heart 2011 Convention in Anaheim, California.. Can you say, MICKEY MOUSE? Yep, we were at Disneyland and what fun we had.... So many wonderful announcements, new product, changes, artwork, friends, food and did I say, 'FUN'?

Our new Idea Book has already gone LIVE, and our most wonderful news... at least, my favorite news to share with you.. We(Close To My Heart) now have an exclusive Cricut Carttridge, Art Philosphy and, boy is it chock FULL of beautiful art, embellishments, 3D art and so MUCH MORE!!!!!

This is TRULY a wonderful cartridge, that has everything you need for any crafty project you may have in mind. You can click here to see a FULL list of everything available.

Our New Consultant Kit is now $99 plus S&H.... It is absolutely fabulous!!!! If you have ever thought about the opportunities of earning a living, staying at home and doing what you LOVE, now is the time to join my team.
Below, you will see everything included in the basic new consultant kit. AND if you are wanting, there is are expansion kits to make getting started even easier. Close To My Heart has a wonderful compensation plan, consultants get sneak peaks at upcoming specials and of course a wonderful family of other CTMH sisters who LOVE to share ideas, techniques, artwork... Don't forget Conventions!!! 2012 will be in Dallas, Texas and if you want to be there for the EXCITEMENT, New Product SNEAK PEAK, FUN, FRIENDS and so much more, contact me for details. You will NOT want to miss out.

Stay tuned, as I will be making announcements and posting the latest crafty adventures I have been working on. 

Again, THANK YOU, for stopping by and viewing my blog.. Without YOU, my blog would not be worth while....


Happy Crafting~