Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cricut Artiste

Hello, Hi, How are you? So... I know I said, I was going to be posting everyday.. But, I kinda fell into my craft room and could not get out ;-) Or something like that.. Unfortunately, it was not to be crafty :-( As I posted earlier, we recently moved... Life has been so crazy, that I have hardly touched my craftroom except to unpack and put things away in NO REAL order.... So, I have kinda grounded myself to my room to try and get things in order.. I am determined to have it ready for crafty time this weekend.. I have so many new Close To My Heart crafty goodies to play with...

So, with that said.... My GOAL is to start playing the new Cricut Artiste Collection this weekend.... And to get you excited about the upcoming release, I am sharing the new handbook from this wonderful collection.
I hope this handbook, wets your whistle and gets your creative juices flowing..... Please, click the link below.

I am taking pre-orders now. Orders will be submitted August first, and all pre-orders will be able to choose a Monogram stamp of their choice. Please, contact me for details.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amazing Sneak Peak!!!!

As promised, here is a sneak peak at what is coming your way!!! Close To My Heart has really out done themselves with the new Idea Book.. I hope you Love the video and product. 

Be sure to contact me or visit my webpage with any questions you may have or to have a copy of the new Idea Book sent to you... 

Also, do not forget to keep coming back each day through the end of July.. I will be posting new 'Sneaks' and posting about a 'Give Away' very soon...

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Get Them before they are LONG GONE!!!

Well, as I announced yesterday.... The NEW 2012 Autumn/Winter Ideas Book will be here before we know it.. And with that, comes the excitement of new products and the retirement of some old favorites... So, if you have colors you LOVE, stamps you can not live without, ribbons and embellies that brighten your creations..... Be sure to check out the list of items that are retiring in less then TWO weeks... Everything is while supplies last and many have already SOLD OUT.... SOooo, If you see any of your favorites on the list, please feel free to contact me or visit my website to order your 'GOTTA HAVES' before they are gone...

So, without further delay.. Here is the list of upcoming retirees:

All How To Books:

Magic (SOLD OUT)
Reflections (SOLD OUT)
Cherish (SOLD OUT)
Wishes (SOLD OUT)
Originals (SOLD OUT)
*Books that are sold out may be found at local stores or Amazon.

Also retiring after July 31, 2012:
Distressing Kit (full kit only) SOLD OUT
Exclusive Ink Markers
Cardstock Shade Packs
8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock

 G1035 Workshops on the Go™ Victory Kit
G1037 Workshops on the Go™ Superhero Kit
G1039 Workshops on the Go™ Cruisin' Kit
G1034 Workshops on the Go™ Lucy Kit
G1038 Workshops on the Go™ Florentine Kit
G1036 Workshops on the Go™ Footloose Kit
G1033 Workshops on the Go™ Pemberley Kit
G1032 Workshops on the Go™ Stella Kit  

X7139B  Typeset Paper Packet
X7139C  Complements Typeset Canvas Shapes

X7154B  My Reflections® Cruisin' Paper Packet
 X7154C  Cruisin' Complements Silver Foil Images

X7152B  My Reflections® Superhero Paper Packet
X7152C  Superhero Complements Rub-Ons

X7141B  Elemental Paper Packet
X7141C  Complements Elemental Dimensional Elements

X7151B  My Reflections® Footloose Paper Packet
X7151C  Footloose Complements Dimensional Elements

X7149B  My Reflections® Lucy Paper Packet
X7149C  Lucy Complements Glittery Rub-ons

X7140B Roxie Paper Packet
X7140C  Roxie My Stickease® Adhesive Sheets

X7143B  Sonoma Paper Packet
X7143C  Sonoma My Stickease® Adhesive Sheets


Z1367  Bitty Brads Basic Assortment
Z1368  Bitty Brads Metal Assortment
Z1397  Canvas Badge Buttons
Z1337  D.E. Ornaments
Z1261  Color Ready Irresitibles Lots of Dots
Z1321  My Creations A-Door-Ables                                                                           
Z1691  Bottle Caps
Z1635  Heirloom Assortment
Z1693  Seaside Wooden Shapes
Z1104  ClearSparkles
Z1690  Bitty Buds Assortment
Z1403  Photo Hangers
Z1688  Comic Badge Buttons
Z1402  Hinges
Z1320  Mini Medley Tulip                                                                                   
Z1338  Mini Medley Sunset
Z1488  Mini Medley Accents Honey Collection
Z1698  Mini-Medley Accents Pacifica Collection
Z1383  Sweet Leaf Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon (bulk)
Z1384  Designer Ribbon Pink Collection

Z2242  Reinker Parchement
Z2254  Reinker Taffy
Z2257  Reinker Vineyard Berry
Z2231  Reinker Key Lime
Z2233  Reinker Lilac Mist
Z2252  Reinker Sunny Yellow
Z2202  Reinker Baby Pink
Z2269  Reinker Vanilla Cream
Z2251  Reinker Sunkiss Yellow
Z2241  Reinker Pansy Purple
Z2200  Reinker Amethyst
Z2248  Reinker Spring Iris
Z2250  Reinker Sunflower
Z2219  Reinker Dutch Blue
Z2234  Reinker Moonstruck
Z2220  Reinker Garden Green
Z2221  Reinker Garnet
Z2224  Reinker Grey Flannel
Z2208  Reinker Brown Bag
Z2261  Reinker Petal
Z2225  Reinker Grey Wool
Z2227  Reinker Holiday Red
Z2226  Reinker Heavenly Blue
Z2266  Reinker Tulip
Z2120  Stamp Pad Garden Green
Z2108  Stamp Pad Brown Bag
Z2169  Stamp Pad Vanilla Cream
Z2148  Stamp Pad Sprig Iris
Z2124  Stamp Pad Grey Flannel
Z2150  Stamp Pad Sunflower
Z2131  Stamp Pad Key Lime
Z2166  Stamp Pad Tulip
Z2134  Stamp Pad Moonstruck
Z2157  Stamp Pad Vineyard Berry
Z2121  Stamp Pad Garnet
Z2125  Stamp Pad Grey Wool
Z2127  Stamp Pad Holiday Red
Z2154  Stamp Pad Taffy
Z2161  Stamp Pad Petal
Z2119  Stamp Pad Dutch Blue
Z2152  Stamp Pad Sunny Yellow
Z2141  Stamp Pad Pansy Purple
Z2102  Stamp Pad Baby Pink
Z2126  Stamp Pad Heavenly Blue
Z2133  Stamp Pad Lilac MIst
Z2142  Stamp Pad Parchment
Z2100  Stamp Pad Amethyst
Z2151  Stamp Pad Sunkiss Yellow
X5926  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 8.5 x 11 Group 5
X5922  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 8.5 x 11 Group 1
X5925  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 8.5 x 11 Group 4
X5923  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 8.5 x 11 Group 2
X5924  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 8.5 x 11 Group 3
X5910  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Red 3
X5907  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Green 3
X5902  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Blue 1
X5915  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Orange 2
X5921  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 12 x 12 Group 5
X5917  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 12 x 12 Group 1
5571    Cardstock12x12GreyWool
X5913  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Neutral 3
X5903  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Blue 2
X5914  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Orange 1
X5646  Cardstock12x12VanillaCream
X5916  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Purple
X5901  Cardstock 6 Pack Colonial White
X5912  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Neutral 2
X5900  Cardstock 6 Pack White Daisy
X5905  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Green 1
X5908  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Red 1
X5904  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Blue 3
X5911  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Neutral 1
X5918  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 12 x 12 Group 2
X5919  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 12 x 12 Group 3
X5906  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Green 2
X5909  Cardstock Combo 12 Pack Red 2
X5920  Cardstock Combo 24 Pack 12 x 12 Group 4

Z4204  ShoulderTote (SOLD OUT)
Z1323  Clear Cards 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Z1309  Clear Cards 4 1/2
1766    Dotto Dots Dispenser
1767    Dotto Dots Dispenser Refill
Z340    Euro Replacement Blade/Scoring
Z339    Euro Replacement Blades
Z338    EuroPersonal Paper Trimmer
Z1163  Double Scrubber
4275    My Legacy Writer Black Pen Set
1764    Craft Tray
Z1006  Micro Fiber Cloth
Z1299  Distressing Kit

Z1405  Quick Pic™ Album Dark Cranberry
Z1406  Quick Pic™ Album Dark Chocolate
Z1404  Quick Pic™ Album Outdoor Denim
Z4110  Snapease Album System 12x12
Z1334  My Creations Mix & Mingle Album
Z1152  My Creations Cube
Z1224  My CreationsAll-Sorts Mini Album

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fall/Winter Sneak Peak and Who Does NOT love Convention???

   Yes, once again, I have been absent. We have had an extremely cray first half of the year.... My oldest, Jacob is doing great.. Still has a few 'dizzy' spells.. But, has been all cleared from the concussion. We bought a house and while moving at the same time.. Celebrated my oldest, Jacob, graduating from High School... I am OK though, seeing as how he will be staying home doing his first two years of college here locally.

   Sooooo... I just got back from Dallas, TX.. Where CTMH held their National Convention. And, YES!!!! There are WONDERFUL things coming our way, beginning August 1st. From the NEW CTMH Cricut Cartidge, Artiste.. to alcohol markers, pigment inks and SO MUCH MORE!!!!! Close To My Heart has out done themselves with this new catalog. If you would like a copy of the new catalog or have any questions, please contact me right away. I would LOVE to help you with your crafty needs.

   Now, On to the 'Sneak Peak'.. First our beautiful new Catalog that goes live August 1st.
Within these pages you are going to find new alcohol markers, pigment inks, 62 NEW Stamp Sets, 10 to coordinate with the Cricut Art Philosphy cartidge and 15 to accompany the new Cricut Artiste Collection, New bulk ribbon, additions to our already wonderful My Creations Line... To include a wonderful Craft Cubby, Star, Bracket Frame and so MUCH MORE!!!!  

Please, visit back everyday, as I will be posting sneaks of new items everyday until August 1st.

Today's SNEAK is of the WONDERFUL NEW Cricut Artiste Collection. I will be taking pre-orders for this collection that will be submitted on August 1st. You really do not want to hold off too long. When our Art Philosophy Collection launched last year, Close To My Heart went through an ENTIRE years worth of stock in just 3 WEEKS. Now, we do not want to be one of those left waiting for a restocking, now DO WE?

same as last year, The Cricut Artiste Collection is just $99 and comes with THREE exclusive coordinating stamp sets, and three coordinating 12x9  Dimensional Elements Sheets (Awards, Quotes, Album Pages). This is a $125 value. Anyone who places a preorder with me before August 1st, will receive a monogram stamp set of their choice from me. Please, contact me for details.

Now, onto some Convention excitement..... I had a GREAT time seeing old friends, meeting new ones and having a GREAT time with wonderful people.... I hope you enjoy some of the following...
I would be the one in Black, and my friend, Pam, is holding one of the cupcakes I made.. I am holding the last of 8 cupcakes I made for my room mates and a few very good friends...
SEVEN of the 8 that I made.. I kept the last one for myself... :-)
Having some good crafting/scrapping time at the end of convention.
Uh, oh.. I wonder what this would be.... Hmmmm.. Could be a sneak of some sort :-) you will have to stay tuned for details to come ....

   I hope you have enjoyed your little visit to my page.. I will be making updates everyday, with announcements, specials, and more SNEAKS as to what is to come.....

Oh.. Did I announce next year's location for Convention? No??? Well, hold onto to your crafty pants.. But, we will be in Orlando next year!!!! That's right... Disney World look out.. CTMH is coming BACK to town... You know you can be part of the Magic, fun and excitement too.... Ask me about details on how to join my team.... You will not regret being part of an amazing and GIVING company.. Not to mention, discounts on your FAVORITE crafting products.....

  Until Tomorrow...... Hope you have a crafty day....


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